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ISHS-ISS2021 is not only Rimini. Guided Pre-tours to our Southern areas will let you learn about the highly diversified Italian Strawberry production system. Young scientists and technical experts will be trained on strawberry breeding and cultivation systems.
Cultivation areas in Southern Italy: Campania and Basilicata
Bus pick-up from Naples (Airport or Train Station) then visit to Campania and Basilicata strawberry production areas. Bus transportation for the tour and transfer to Rimini, two-night hotel reservation in Matera (City of Culture in 2019) and lunches.

Tour Map


Please note that this tour is reserved for the participants of the Symposium and for the Accompanying persons.




The pre-symposium tour will offer the possibility to visit the two main strawberry production areas in the South of Italy, in Campania and Basilicata Regions. People registered for the pre – tour will be collected in Naples.


1st Day – April 29th, 2021

09.00     gathering and departure by bus from Naples heading towards Caserta area (about 500 ha of strawberry cultivated fields)

10.00     COOP SOLE – (Parete, Caserta) cultivation systems, cultivars for southern conditions, fruit processing and storage and coffee break (www.coopsole.it)

12.30     lunch

13.30     departure towards VIVAI MAZZONI and SALVI VIVAI cultivation fields (www.civ.it)

15.30     coffee break

16.00     transfer to Policoro/Scanzano Ionico

19.30     arrival in hotel

20.00     dinner


2nd Day – April 30th, 2021

08.30     gathering and departure by bus from Policoro/Scanzano Ionico towards Metapontino area (about 1000 ha of strawberry cultivation fields)

09:00   COMPAGNIA DELLE PRIMIZIE – production and sales organization (www.compagniadelleprimizie.com)

10:30     coffee break

11:00     NOVA SIRI GENETICS – breeding program and new cultivars for southern conditions (www.novasirigenetics.com)

13:00     lunch

14:00     APOFRUIT ITALIA/Società Piraccini Secondo (www.apofruit.it)

15:30     coffee break

16:00     ALSIA, Regione Basilicata experimental farm (www.alsia.it)

18:00     transfer to Matera

19.30     arrival in Hotel

20.00     dinner and visit to the historical city


3rd Day – May 1st, 2021

08.00     gathering and departure by bus from Matera towards Rimini

10.30     coffee break

13.00     lunch

15.00     coffee break

16:30     arrival in Rimini

18:00     Symposium registration at Palacongressi

18:30     Opening ceremony at Palacongressi

20:00     Welcome cocktail at Palacongressi