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The 18th China (Jinan) Strawberry Culture and Tourism Festival and the First Asian Strawberry Industry Symposium

National Strawberry Look Shandong
Shandong Look at Licheng

Jinan’s rich cultural heritage has created a good environment for the delegates to actively discuss many aspects of strawberry technology.
The conference provided a platform for strawberry industry representatives and consumers to understand each other, actively interact and build good relationships.
We have a common goal, and the organization of the conference has given a very good explanation, that is, to develop the industry with the society, the city to the society, and the people to benefit the people.
The scientific force to promote innovation in the strawberry industry is indispensable, but this also requires a close connection between industry and consumers.
The Strawberry Expo Park, including the International Strawberry Industrial Park, can help the public to better understand strawberries and display new strawberry varieties and new technologies.
I wish all the delegates to achieve fruitful results. I am convinced that the rich activities organized by this conference will meet your needs.
This conference is also an opportunity for everyone to relax and experience Quancheng Jinan. Delegates, when you arrive home after this unforgettable conference, remember: strawberries make life sweeter!


extracted from the website: https://www.18chinastrawberryfestival.com/