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Introduction to the workshop the strawberry nursery sector in Italy

Among the fruit species qualified within a genetic-sanitary certification scheme, strawberry can boast the first propagation materials certified in Italy since 1985, although within the Emilia Romagna regional program, region where the most important nurseries are located.

Since 1993, when the National Voluntary Certification Service started, managed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, the strawberry plantlets have been awarded with the national certification label.

Meanwhile in Italy important public and private breeding programs develop to support the raising of the nursery companies, supported by strategic and important facilities for the production of pre basic and basic propagating materials in isolated insect proof condition.

Passing through the numerous reorganizations during the last years, due to the renewed Community phytosanitary rules on propagation material and fruit plants, the strawberry nursery sector in Italy represents the segment characterized by the most technical innovation, with a high percentage of exported plants.

Today the nursery production of the strawberry plantlets is annually carried out by about 10 nurseries which produce 390 million pieces, of which about (240) million are qualified under the national voluntary certification scheme QVI – Qualità Vivaistica Italia, with CIVI-Italia which is covering the role of official managing body.

Referring to the national strawberry cultivated surfaces, in 2021 they are about 4.000 hectares.

The workshop provides a useful opportunity to compare the experiences of the qualification process about the strawberry Nursery material through the adoption of certification schemes, with the aims to standardize methods and management procedures in order to strength the reciprocity among different countries.

During the workshop, the study prize in memory of dr. Vittorio Cavezzali – a leading figure for the strawberry nursery sector and past president of CIVI-Italia, recently passed away, will be awarded.

Workshop Program

Focus on the certification schemes to qualify the nursery strawberry industry

14.30 – 17.00

Massimo Tagliavini – President of SOI – Italian Society for Horticultural Science

 Chairperson  Giandomenico Consalvo, CIVI-Italia, Rome

Awarding of degree award in memory of dr. Vittorio Cavezzali

Emerging strawberry phytosanitary problems in Europe
Claudio Ratti – DISTAL – Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences  – University of Bologna

The Italian voluntary certification scheme in Italy
Bruno Caio Faraglia – Director NPPO – Italian ministry of agriculture, food and forestry policies

The control and surveillance activities carried out by the Regional Phytosanitary Services
Stefano Boncompagni, Regional Plant Protection Office of Emilia Romagna, Bologna

Strawberry certification schemes experiences in the world

The Netherlands
John Van Ruiten, Naktuinbouw, The Netherlands

Jose F. Sevilla, Centro IFAPA de Malaga, Spain

Ioannis Tzanetakis, University of Arkansas

The role of CIVI-Italia and the strawberry nursery sector in the Italian voluntary certification scheme
Luigi Catalano and Jacopo Diamanti, CIVI-Italia, Rome

Discussion and conclusion

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