Presenting the new Horizon 2020 project at the 9th ISHS – International Strawberry Symposium – ISS2021

breeding value

Pre-breeding strategies for obtaining new resilient and added value berries

Start date

1 January 2021


4 years


7 Million

20 Partners

8 Countries

Key features

  • European transdisciplinary consortium: experts in nature conservation, genetics, genomics, breeding, biotechnology, biochemistry, phytopathology, bioinformatics, statistics and berry production
  • Exploration of large collection of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry varieties, including modern and old varieties
  • Development and application of new genotyping and phenotyping tools and materials for improving berry varieties in different EU cultivation areas

BreedingValue objectives

  • Provide the knowledge and tools to utilize strawberry, raspberry and blueberry GenRes and pre-breeding material for the creation of new breeding possibilities
  • Develop breeding strategies for ensuring resilient berries with high fruit quality across a broad range of geographic and changing climatic conditions in Europe
  • Explore berry germplasm and enlarge the genetic pool to assure genetic diversity and berry industry success across Europe 
  • Explore and identify sensorial quality factors and consumer quality preferences for different berry species in different parts of Europe



Introduction to Breeding Value 
Bruno Mezzetti

Proper Material in Proper Field Trials for BreedingValue
Klaus Olbricht

Genomic tools for enhancing utilization of genetic resources in pre-breeding.
Jahn Davik

Exploring berries collections for plant resilience and fruit quality
Sonia Osorio Algar

Developing tool kits for sensorial quality evaluation of berries as based on consumer preferences
Saila Karhu

Visual inventories of berry germplasm and traits
Björn Usadel

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